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November 14, 2012
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes, strong language and ideologically sensitive material)

"Become one with me, Da?"

Those words have taunted you through your childhood as far as you can remember.
Since you had been taken over by Russia, you'd never been the same. I mean, you are much like you were, but not exactly. Ivan did love you, he even went to the expences of proposing to you. But you weren't the sort of girl to marry, or even be commited for that matter.

Ivan pushed you so much. But you were a strong girl. Everytime you were pushed down, or beaten, you climbed straight back up. You used to have thick, long black hair. But Ivan drove you to dye it, changing who you were. You dyed it pure white. Ivan said it suited you, said you looked beautiful with your christal blue eyes. In all honesty, you loved it. You cut it shoulder length too. It was all to much.

The day Ivan finally gave up was the day you fell in love. Ironic huh? No, you didn't fall in love with Ivan. You fell in love with your savours.

It was just a normal day, you cleaning up Mr.Russia's office when something asstonishing happened. You turned round to see a man with pure white hair standing in the doorway, much like your own. He didn't look that much around, with his chrimson eyes before gasing into your own, Electrica eyes. You remember feeling some sort of weight lift off you, like you were being set free. You were quite scared though, thinking this was all just a dream.

He picked you up with ease. What is he doing? Is he rescuing me? Is my own prince charming coming to me? Or is he the same as Mr.Russia...

"W-What are you doing?.. What is your name..?" You spoke, near to silent. In your own strong british accent. He seemed to like it, because his face tinted into a smirk.
He didn't talk, only walked faster. Nearer and nearer to the door. You felt excited, your actually getting out of this place! The light getting brighter and brighter. Your smile turned upside down when your eyes met those of Ivan, At the door. He just smiled and nodded, opening the door. He was letting you go! It was all to much. You blanked out after you saw a blonde man, slicked back and his baby blue eyes gazing down at you, his cheeks tinged with a blush.

-Le now-

"Ludwig, he's really done it this time" You shouted,very agitated. Rummaging through your drawers, you see that a sertain someone had filled your bras with a sticky sause. Ludiwg was in your room, laying on the bed trying not to laugh at your face. He didn't usually laugh, but with you looking like you did it was hard not to. It was gross!

You'd changed since Ivan, as I said. You are now, a strong independent person. Woman now. Your hair was still white, with your eyes blue too. You lived with Germany and Prussia, they had grown on you. But with Gilberts constent pranks, it was hard.

"He'z gone a little bit far.."

"A little!? He's gone over the top! If I see him.. By god i'll get him. Big time." You shouted, hoping he could hear. You knew he was only next door, in his bedroom. I don't know, masterbating or whatever he does. You thinking of that, you couldn't help but blush a little.

"Go und get him zhen. I'll still be here vhen you get back.." Ludwig said, in his usual tone. You felt an urge to get him, but you yourself couldn't come to terms with your feelings.

"Fine.. Pfft. I'll teach him a lesson." You huffed and left the room, stroling down the short corridor and barging through the door to Gilberts room.

You have been in his room before, several times actually. But you've never actually looked, and paid attention to his 'Toys'. There he was, on his bed, sleeping. You smirked to yourself and chuckled. He breathed heavily, sometimes soring a little. You shut the door and walked over him. You blushed at his soft face, and the way he was surrounded by teddies. Bless.

Face to face with him, you noticed that his lips looked soft. You wondered if they actually were soft.. You slowly and causiously climbed on the bed, stradling him. You leaned forwards, and placed your hands on his chest. He seemed to be a sleep.. You didn't think, so you quickly brushed your lips onto his own. Thats when you only realised that his breathing had become silent and that his eyes were stairing at you.


You tried to move, but he didn't let you. His hands were clamped to your hips, pushing you down. You raised an eyebrow.

"Ich knew you couldn't resist zhe awesome mich. It vas just about time, I vas getting vorried you vouldn't realise yourzelf." He said in his usual tone, smirking victoriously.

You couldn't speak, you were too embarrassed. He laughed more. "Kesesese~"

It caught you off gard, but you loved it. He pulled your face to his, and kissed you rough and hard. It was like he needed it, like he needed your love. You moaned a little as he moved from your lips to your neck, nibbiling it tenderly. Sending you into a craze. Suddenly, your corset was zipped down and your breasts popped out. You blushed a lot, but smirked. As if you knew what was going to happen.

Gilbert soon began to mold and fondle your breasts, a little rough but sweet. You could tell he was skilled. You let out a loud moan and the door suddenly opened, and a flustered Ludwig looked around before setting his eyes on the bed.

"G-Gilbert.. You knew how I felt about her.." Ludwig said, face in dissapointment.

"Vell.. You could come join.." Gilbert said before laughing. "Kesesese".
You could see that Ludwig was closing the door, intreeged. It looked like he wanted to aswell, from the growing bulge in his pants started to form a noticable tent.

"Wait.. What? I didn't agree to anything.." You said, sheilding yourself from Ludwigs eyes. But you soon felt your hands move away, replaced by Ludwig's playful, large and somewhat skillfull hands. You felt an overide of pleasure burst through you, as the blonde German nibbled onto your neck. On the other side, you moved from Gilberts lap to Ludwigs somehow. Gilbert had placed himself at the bottom of the bed, and was tugging your pants down. You were wearing your leather trousers today - Skin tight.

"Damn.. You had to wear zhese today, didn't you? Kesesese~" Gilbert said, and gave an almighty tug, pulling them down off you. You couldn't bring yourself to open your eyes, but you already knew that Gilbert had his signature smirk.

Soon you felt something poking your back, but you were sure it wasn't Ludwig's intention. You giggled and layed on the bed, Ludwigs face now in between your legs. You knew what was coming next. Gilbert was beside you, kissing you tenderly as you kissed him back with passion and a hint of lust. You felt Ludwig pull your pants down, and start to massage your Clit. The pleasure was over wealming! He soon got bored with that, and inserted a thick finger into your womanhood. You moaned into Gilberts mouth, your walls streaching a little from Ludwigs movements. He soon inserted another and pumped them in and out, scissoring them as he did so. It didn't take long to Climax, as Gilbert was sucking on your breasts by the time he finished, and with you stoking his 'Length' under his trousers. Ludwig placed his fingers next to his face and licked them repeatedly. Gilbert got a taste too, but he wanted the whole thing.

They swapped places after that, but with less clothes. During swapping, they had exchanged glances and have removed eachothers clothes. A little kiss here and there, touching all over. It made you want to scream with want, you were getting wetter by the second! Gilbert was in his boxers, and so was Ludwig. Gilbert was at your legs, and Ludwig was at your head. But not his face.

You knew what he wanted, so you obliged. You took him out of the clothing, and licked the tip. Tasting of Pre-cum, you took him into your mouth. Gilbert, feeling ignored, roughly inserted two fingers into your wetness. You moaned and that made Ludwig thrust into your mouth. You had to steady him, hand on his hip not to let him choke you. You nearlly screamed when Gilbert slid a tongue over your folds, pumping harder and faster. Again, it didn't take you long. And, with your talented tongue, Ludiwg was soon spilling his seed into your mouth. You gladly swallowed it, looking up at his flustered face. You came into Gilberts mouth, and he lapped you up good. You were ready.

You were placed over Gilbert, enterance at his tip. You felt Ludwig come behind you, oiling your backside with some sort of liquid. You realised, he was going to enter from behind. You were slammed onto Gilberts manhood as a shooting pain ran through you. It was very uncomfortable, but you managed. Then it was Ludwigs turn, he thrusted into you with such force. You couldn't bare the pain, tears forming through your eyelids. You whimpered a little, as Ludwig started his little thrusts. He couldn't help it, you were so tight! It was like heaven for him. He kissed your back and neck, and whispered things like "It vill be over soon" and all. While Gilbert was thrusting into you with all his might, the pain overriden with pleasure. He was grunting as you moved your hips up and down, side to side. You were moaning in pleasure, and as Gilbert placed you down, Ludwig had thrust out and vice verca. It seemed as though Ludwig was the first one to climax, he spilled his seed inside your back enterance and pulled out, panting.

Gilbert was close too, as you felt it. You were so close, and with Ludwig groping your breasts at the side it sent you over the edge. You and Gilbert both came within seconds of each other. Panting, he pulled out slowly - Trying to savour the moment.

That left all three of you, cuddling into each other panting and tired.

"Zhat vas fucking awesome! How about same tomorrow?" Gilbert shouted out.

"I don't think I could handle it!" You said and laughed along with him. Ludwig just sighed, chuckling to himself and cuddling up to you. He smiled happily and you all silently dropped off to sleep. You had to say, that was the best fuck you've ever had. And it was surtainly not the last you'd be getting from them, that was for deffinate.
WARNING: WILL CONTAIN SEXUAL SCENES AND ALL. Pornography, yes. It is a Lemon after all.

Lehonhonhon. I do love zhis pairing.
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